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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question


What does it mean to transfer my domain?

Every registered domain name is managed by a registrar that provides customer support and related domain services. Depending on the registrar, you will pay different prices, have different levels of customer support, and access to various domain-related services.

How much will the ownership transfer cost me?

Most of registrars charge between $8 and $15, this includes 1 free year extension to that domain.

What is the process for transferring my domain?

Transferring domain names requires an EPP transfer authorization code, a security code that indicates you have the right to transfer the domain name. Please contact your current registrar to obtain this code prior to submitting your transfer request.

How long will it take for my domain name transfer to take effect?

The process of completing a transfer usually takes up to 3-5 business days, however some registrars may take up to 7 business days. After you verify that you wish to have your domain transferred, the new registrar will contact the old registrar and make the necessary transaction.


What are premium domains?

Premium domains, also referred to as aftermarket domains, secondary market domains, high-value domains, great domains, or top domains, have been previously registered, often because they contain keywords or descriptions that have great potential for becoming a memorable web address.

Premium domains have stronger branding potential, are easier to remember, and attract more website traffic than most domains available through standard domain registration. You are more likely to find the perfect name for your website in portfolio of top domains, most of which are .com, .net, .co or .org.

What is the value of a premium domain?

Premium domain names have more marketing potential than standard registration domains. Many already receive significant traffic. Your business can reap the benefits from the domain’s established presence and attract customers. The first step in establishing a successful and profitable website is to own a domain that is memorable, directly related to your business, and attractive to your target audience.

Why should I buy a premium domain?

Acquiring a domain name is one of the most important steps in building a successful online business. Here are the most popular reasons why individuals and businesses own premium domain names.

  1. Improves Marketing and Visibility
    The right domain name allows customers an easy way to remember and find you. It’s your location on the web. It’s also your email address
  2. Builds Credibility
    Using your domain for your website and to personalize your email helps establish credibility and professionalism. For instance, an email address such as [email protected] is more professional than [email protected]
  3. Protects Your Brand
    Purchase the domain name that best represents your business name. Domains are valuable online real estate. Secure the right name and keep it out of the hands of your competitors.You may also find additional attractive domains for your business. Securing more than one helps protect your brand and increase your reach. You may want to consider buying misspellings and plural variations on your primary domain name. You can easily direct as many domains as you want to a single website.
  4. Acquires More Traffic
    Some domains already receive traffic. This traffic principally comes from direct type-in or referral traffic. Direct type-in is when an internet user types the domain directly into her browser, such as typing ‘’ Referral traffic typically comes from links on other websites.
  5. As an Investment
    Similar to real estate, domain names are investments. Domain name values increase daily, because the better ones are becoming less available. You yourself can make your domain name more valuable by building and marketing your website.

How much can I expect to pay for a premium domain?

As good domains become scarcer, both the demand and cost of premium domain names increase. Their price vary, based on marketability, spelling, traffic, and economic trends. High value domains often sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Our domain sales experts can help you find the right domain in your price range, that matches your goals for your business. Contact a domain expert by calling +40 720 74 1657 (worldwide) or email [email protected] today for domain help.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

Yes. If you are interested in purchasing more than one of our domains, we often offer bulk rates. After you have submitted price quotes for all the domains that you are interested in, you may send an email to [email protected] to request a special rate, or call +40 720 74 1657 (worldwide).

Are there any premium domains available for less than $1000?

Yes, we recommend that you filter by price.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards including, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover via PayPal. All payment options are secure, as a matter of fact your payment information does not even touches our servers, because we are using a 3rd party payment processor (PayPal).

What are the terms of sale?

You pay a one-time cost and the domain will be in your control as the registrant of record for as long as you choose, provided that you continue to pay a standard annual registrar fee prior to the expiration date. You can choose any registrar for your name and register in one year increments, for up to 10 years. Choosing a longer registration helps lessen the risk of losing a name due to administrative problems or nonpayment. Click here to view our Terms of Sale.

I just purchased a domain. Now what?

After your purchase is cleared, verifies your payment and contact information. After your payment has been processed, we will send an email titled “Important Transfer Instructions” which contain EPP authorization code needed for domain ownership transfer (EPP code will also be available on your “Downloads” section of your account). Regardless of registrar, most names are transferred and in your control within 3 business days of purchase if you follow the simple procedures carefully. YOU MUST NOT FORGET TO PAY YOUR YEARLY RENEWAL FEE TO THE REGISTRAR OR YOU COULD LOSE YOUR DOMAIN. This yearly registration fee is not a Brandue’s policy, but an Internet-wide regulation, required of all domain owners. suggests paying up front for a 10-year registration to help protect against administrative issues or nonpayment that could result in losing ownership of your domain.

I’ve purchased a domain and am ready to start my website. Do you offer services like Website Hosting, Email packages, SSL certificates, Shopping Cart Plug-ins, or other website services?

Unfortunately not, but it is not excluded to include this in future developments.

What are my responsibilities and costs associated with buying a premium domain?

You are responsible for transferring ownership of your new domain name by ensuring that your contact information is listed in the Whois database. The cost incurred upon purchasing the perfect domain name is a one-time cost. Once you have purchased it, you are still responsible for paying the annual registration fee. For this annual registration, you must ensure that your chosen registrar is able to contact you, and that you pay the registration fee directly to them prior to expiration. Registrars are required to attempt to contact the administrative contact prior to a registration lapse, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure the registration is paid up.



I purchased a domain name. What do I do next?

After your purchase is cleared, verifies your payment and contact information. After your payment has been processed, we will send an email titled “Important Transfer Instructions” which contain EPP authorization code needed for domain ownership transfer (EPP code will also be available on your “Downloads” section of your account). Regardless of registrar, most names are transferred and in your control within 3-5 business days of purchase if you follow the simple procedures carefully.

Why don’t I have my log in and password for my domain yet?

If you haven’t received your account details within 12 hours please contact us.


Please note: the registrar to whom you wish to transfer the domain is called the “gaining registrar.”

Each registrar should have documentation on their site about how to transfer a name to them.

  1. Log in to your existing registrar account and make sure the name is unlocked, there is no privacy feature on, and get the EPP/Authorization info code (if you purchased a domain name from us, use the EPP/Auth code we provided).
  2. Go into your account at the “gaining registrar” and submit your domain name and its EPP/Auth info code for transfer.
  3. The “gaining registrar” may send you an email that you need to reply to or click on a link to accept the transfer. If you do not follow the steps from within this email, the name will not move.
  4. It should take up to 3-5 days for a name to move. Your existing registrar may not send you confirmation and let it just transfer away after the 5 day mark.
  5. If you need further assistance please contact your registrar’s support.

What is an EPP/Authorization code, and how do I obtain one?

An authorization code is a string of numbers/letters that you must provide to the gaining/new registrar when transferring a domain. If you wish to transfer your domain away from the current to a different registrar, you will to enter an authorization code, provided to you by the existing registrar. You can obtain this code by logging into your registrar’s account. Otherwise, you can contact your registrar directly to get the authorization code. If you purchased a domain name from us we will provide you the EPP/Authorization code usually within 12 hours.

How do I contact

For assistance you can call us at : +40 720 74 1657 (worldwide), or email [email protected]